{RP} FREE Trick Or Treat Event with 10 TREATS!

Click here to visit “Willow Drive” in Willow Grove Art Centre!

{RP} Trick Or Treat Sign .png

Walking around the street, you will find 9 houses that look like the small one below, and a 10th that is a bit bigger and sits back at the end of the street. Each one  has a different number outside on the door frame to help you keep track. Knock (click) on each of the doors and see if you get the TRICK or the TREAT!  You can visit once every 24 hours.


TRICKS can include things like donuts or a chicken sitting inside a bagel!

But the TREATS….. Well, let me show you !

PLUS 4 Original Framed Canvas Prints which you can see HERE

**At the landing point, you will find a board with all the pictures.  Click on it to get an informational NC with a list so you can see which doors give which items.  That way, you don’t have to waste your time on treats you don’t want!**

**The items will be for sale in the Main Store after the event ends!**


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